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CIU’s current administration contact information for MAIL & PHONE is as follows:

Marian Kingsmill, CIU Administrator
DKCI Events, P O Box 63123 – University Plaza
101 Osler Drive, Dundas, ON L9H 6Y3 Canada
Direct Line: (905) 627-0773 - MOBILE: (289) 242-1482
SCAN and E-Mail all documents to:

Couriers or URGENT MAIL may be directed to the delivery at the following Address:

C/O Marian Kingsmill, DKCI Events
87 South Street West - Dundas (Hamilton) ON
Canada L9H 4C7, (905) 627-0773

To contact CIU Chair Brigitte Mallozzi or any of CIU’s Executive Committee Members visit our site page of Executive Profiles:

To contact CIU’s Program Committee Director David Mayer or any of our CIU Program Committee members visit our site page:

All correspondence with the CIU is held in confidence.
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