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Continuing Education

We are pleased to announce the launch of a Continuing Education (CE) program for underwriting professionals. The new program is the result of some extensive collaboration with representatives from AHOU, ALU and CIU and will be effective for the year 2021. This will become the gold standard to elevate your professionalism.


  • Promote the importance of underwriting professionalism through continuing education.

  • Maintain value of the FALU designation by providing a re-certification of your FALU designation.

  • Recognize continuing education for non-FALU underwriters.


Program overview:

  • To kick start certification of our profession, the first certification cycle (in 2021) will be for one year with 20 CE credits needed for certification.

  • Two-year certification cycle starts in January 2022, with 50 CE Credits needed over 2 years.

  • Acceptable subject matter for earning CE credits include job-related technical, leadership and business specific content. Refer to ‘Continuing Education (CE) Credits’ document for more information.

  • There is no cost to individual underwriters or their companies. Refer to CE FAQ for answers to this and other questions about the program.

  • Individual underwriters will be responsible for documenting/recording their CE activities through the ALU Website. The tracking tool is under construction and will be available soon.


Guiding principles:

  • Promote the importance of underwriting professionalism through continuing education

  • Maintain value of FALU designation

  • Develop a program that is both meaningful and attainable

  • Provide a platform to recognize industry involvement and education

  • Establish parameters for qualifying content

  • Create and maintain individual tracking tool

  • Education credits may be subject to audit


Additional information: