CIU Website – Helpful Information:

CIU Members periodically receive e-mail bulletins regarding Membership and member services, including an annual update to CIU’s website passcodes.

CIU website passcodes are a USER NAME and PASSWORD that are communicated to members in good standing on an annual basis in the spring of each year. (usually at Daylight Saving Time).

Passcodes are required to be entered when accessing the CIU Membership Directory, and other site areas such as CIU’s Resource Library of past slide PPT Presentations, (posted for members’ reference, in PDF format) that are approved for sharing by CIU’s program speakers.
Please record and save your CIU website passcodes in a secure location. Codes are confidential and are not to be shared or distributed to colleagues or other sources.

Your annual CIU passcodes are also for our Members to utilize when accessing the On The Risk Journals’ e-editions. Please enter your CIU passcodes when prompted.

To assist CIU member, some Helpful Hints follow:
CIU USER NAME and PASSWORDS are case sensitive and contain both upper and lower case text plus a selection of numerals and/or symbols. Please delete any stale data or stars that may be saved in your system and re-enter the current CIU passcodes with care. Use the QWERTY Keyboard numerals (not the numeric keypad on the right), Shift key to enter capital letters or symbols where required. Make sure CAPS Lock is not engaged. Copying and pasting is not recommended.

Save your CIU passcodes to your system.

If you have any issues with respect to your CIU passcodes and need assistance, please contact CIU’s webmaster at: or the CIU administrator through this site.
April, 2017


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