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CIU Fall 2021 Webinar - Registration now closed

Upcoming CIU Webinar

Thank you! Registration is now closed.

An email with the webinar has been sent to all who have registered.

If you still wish to register and attend, please email us.

October 25th at 12:00 pm (noon) EST, CIU FALL 2021 Webinar

As part of CIU's Webinar series, the CIU Program Committee would like to introduce our next session. Please join Dr Nicola Charlton as she presents an updated synopsis on HEPATITIS, presented by

Since late 2019, the regional and international medical focus has been on Covid-19 and the rise of its variants while the spread of Hepatitis continues apace. With the rapid increase and displacement of third-world immigrant populations, worldwide Hepatitis has spread exponentially to become a local threat once again.

Speaker: Dr Nicola Charlton of SwissRe

Topic: Hepatitis

Date: October 25th, 2021 12(noon)-1pm EST

Cost: FREE! open to CIU members only

1 CE credit - Click here for more info on CE credit


Dr. Charlton joined Swiss Re in 2020 as Global Underwriting R&D Senior Medical Officer where she focuses on research, including medical topics, and trends and treatments that impact mortality and morbidity. Prior to joining Swiss Re, Dr. Charlton was Medical Director at Illinois Mutual, where she was responsible for UW education, claims review, case review and consultation, and mortality analysis.

Dr. Charlton has more than 25 years of collective professional experience assessing and treating a wide variety of patient populations and has worked for many years in the insurance industry in addition to her work as a clinician and an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and Public Health. She graduated from Chicago Medical School, completed her residency at the University of Minnesota, and received her Master of Public Health from the University of South Florida. In addition to her MPH, she is board certified in insurance medicine.

Dr. Charlton has consulted, trained, and educated insurance professionals, underwriters, and company leaders in small and large group settings on medical conditions, population health conditions and epidemiology, risk assessments and modeling, mortality modeling in life and disability, and health for 20 years. She has also worked in medical education and course development for third and 4th-year medical students with a focus on urban public health topics, in addition to other academic interests which include interpersonal violence, digital medical messaging, and childhood literacy.

Dr. Charlton is the mother of four kids and she also loves all outdoor sports, all types of music and is an active member of several book clubs.

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