Membership FAQ

1. How do I know what my Membership Status is?

  • FULL MEMBER: Attained their FALU (Fellow of the Academy of Life Underwriting) and had a minimum of 5 years of Life and Health Underwriting experience OR Was a member of the CIU based on the criteria in effect prior to this amendment and has, on the effective date of the amendment, a minimum of 15 years of Life or Health Underwriting experience and has attained their "Certificate of Proficiency" or their FLMI with a selection of Risk as their specialty or their FCIA (Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries) or member of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII) OR Is designated an Honorary Member.

NOTE: Anyone who was a member of the CIU based on the criteria in effect prior to this amendment and who, on the effective date of the amendment, does not qualify as above, will maintain their member status but, by the end of the year 2002 MUST attain their FALU to maintain their status in the year 2002. Anyone failing to do so will become an Associate Member.

Starting in the year 2001, a member must complete 15 hours of continuing education per year.

Criteria for qualifying continuing education to be established at a later date.


  • ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Anyone who is a CIU member but does not qualify as a full member under one of the three criteria for full membership.


  • HONORARY MEMBER: Is anyone who held the position of Chairperson/President of the CIU, or its predecessor organization, the CHOLUA Such Honorary Members who are retired (no longer active) will be exempt from paying dues. A list of Honorary Members will be maintained in the CIU Membership Directory.

2. How much does it cost?

Currently, membership fees are $130 per annum, per member. Membership is based on the calendar year.

3. How does an individual become part of the CIU Executive?

The Executive Committee is made up of nominated individuals from within the CIU organization.

Different positions are available based on your interest.

Incoming/Treasurer. The first year will be a training year and then in the 3rd year of tenure, the Treasurer will have the responsibility for training the Incoming Treasurer.

  1. Secretary: This is a two-year commitment and keeps the committee on track.

  2. Conference Director: This is a two-year commitment working closely with the CIU administrator and the hotel to make sure all the conference details for the AGM are handled.

  3. Vice-Chair: This is a 3-year commitment as the incumbent goes through the CIU executive as Vice-Chair, Chair, and then Past Chair.

  4. Technical Director: This is a 3-year position that is responsible for the website, membership, and AV for the various educational events sponsored by the CIU.

  5. Assistant/Program Director: This position manages the program committee and is key to the success of the CIU education seminars offered throughout the year.

  6. Executive Members: Not sure about a title but want to help out? Then feel free to become a part of the Executive Council by becoming an executive member. It gives you an opportunity to help those in title roles and to shadow for a potential future position. See the Executive Position descriptions in the By-Laws


4. My company will not pay for my membership. Can I do so personally?

Yes, you may pay for your membership personally.

5. What happens to my membership if I leave the company which paid for my membership fees?

Regardless of who pays, the membership belongs to the individual member. The sponsoring company cannot transfer membership to another employee.