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Honorary Members

Barbara Pallister-Smith

Bill Marshall

Bob Timmins

Bonnie Jensen

Brenda Buckingham

Brian Baxter

Brigitte Mallozzi

C. Joseph Dahl

Catherine Allen

Chantal Perry

Debbie Rankin

Fraser Cutler

George Brennan

Jennifer Dahl

Judy Stewart-Henriques

Jeff Norman


Karri Shannon

Leslie Fleming

Mervyn Gillson

Michel Hunault

Michèle Piché-Hnatyshen

Nazir Damji

Norm Leblond

Peter Speers

R. Blake Tufford

Richard Lauzon

Robert Weir

Selena Puttick

Sharon Smith

Shawn James

Sheila Kingston

Susan Hutchison

The CIU would like to recognize the following Honorary Members who have consistently been visible leaders in the underwriting profession, exemplified the Guiding Principles for the Underwriter throughout their careers and demonstrated a meaningful contribution to the profession.

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