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CIU Winter 2022 Webinar

As part of CIU's Webinar series, the CIU Program Committee would like to introduce our next session on January 25-26th, 2022 presented by

1 CE credit per session - Click here for more info on CE credit

January 25th 2022


Dr Georgiana Willwerth-Pascutiu (RGA)

The Spectrum of Drug Misuse and Addiction

This presentation will provide an overview of substance use before and during the pandemic and its relevance to our industry.

In a case study format, Dr. Willwerth will explore the neurobiology of addiction and how to differentiate between substance use, abuse and addiction.

Relevant morbidity and mortality implications for alcohol and cocaine use will also be addressed.


Dr. Willwerth is board certified in Insurance Medicine by the American Academy of Insurance Medicine (AAIM) and specializes in internal medicine, nephrology, and ultrasonography.

She is past president and scientific chair of the Canadian Life Insurance Medical Officers Association (CLIMOA) and secretary-treasurer of the Board of Insurance Medicine. She is a frequent industry presenter and contributor to industry publication



Romeo Vitagliano (PPI)

Perspectives on Driving: Not a Crash Course?

The driving record remains a key underwriting consideration. Join us as we seek to define or redefine the driving risk and look at how excess speed and alcohol are no longer the only factors in determining how we assess the rated or uninsurable driver. We will also delve into the impact of COVID-19 on driving and mortality.


Romeo Vitagliano started his underwriting career in 1981 and has held increasingly senior positions over the course of his career. He is the last Chief Underwriter for Met Life’s Canadian operation and he has served on the Life Underwriting Education Committee and the executive councils of both the Home Office Life Underwriters Association (HOLUA) and l’Association Québecoise des Tarificateurs-Vie (AQTV). He continues to publish and speak at industry events.

Romeo obtained his FALU in 1991 and is the co-founder of a field underwriting guide, Know The Risk now owned by PPI and he is currently Vice-President of Advanced Underwriting at PPI.


January 26th 2022


Dr Aurora Hollo (Sun Life Financial)

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Advanced therapies have changed the natural history of many diseases and this is also true for classic inflammatory bowel diseases. This presentation will address common findings for inflammatory bowel diseases but also the differences in symptoms, pathology, genetics, an outcome with treatment, and correlation with underwriting will be shared throughout the webinar.


Dr. Aurora Hollo has obtained her MD degree in Romania, specializing in Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology and practicing in primary care for 15 years. Since 1999 she worked in insurance at Clarica, then Manulife with experience in Life, Critical Illness, Disability insurance. In 2017 Dr. Hollo joined Swiss Reinsurance as VP and Medical Manager and in August 2020 she moved to Sunlife as Global Chief Medical Officer. Her interest in diverse topics as Longevity, Mortality Improvement, Product development, Critical Illness definitions, led to close relationships with underwriters and actuaries.

She is an active member of CLIMOA (Canadian Life Insurance Medical Association) Executive and past President (2018/2019). In September 2021, she was the Member of the Month for the American Association of Insurance Medicine. She is also a member of underwriting and insurance medicine organizations.

Dr. Hollo is dedicated to delivering coaching and support for underwriters, as well as participating and presenting at industry-organized meetings, webinars on diverse medical topics.



Laurie Corrigan & Sevastiana Prohasca (Hannover Re)

Is Financial Underwriting as Unique as It Seems?

Financial review of life insurance is often dreaded by underwriters, particularly when the numbers don’t add up.

Establishing the purpose of insurance, insurable interest, and determining the financial loss in the event of premature death are important on every case you underwrite, regardless of the coverage amount. This session will help build your understanding of the financial review process with common concepts for purchasing life insurance, using interesting case studies and tips on how to communicate with insurance advisors and your reinsurance partners.


Laurie Corrigan, BA, FALU, FLMI, ACS is a Senior Underwriting Consultant at Hannover Re with more than 35 years of professional experience in the life insurance industry. Having spent the majority of her career at Manulife, Laurie joined Hannover Re in September 2017. Building on her extensive experience in underwriting and marketing/client retention, in her current role Laurie leads the underwriting of high net worth cases, mentoring and training underwriters, developing underwriting guidelines, claims assessment and identifying efficiencies in the underwriting process to improve client experience.

Sevastiana Prohasca, FALU, FLMI, FLHC, ARA, ACS, is a Senior Underwriting Consultant at Hannover Re with more than 14 years of underwriting experience in various capacities. Over the past decade, her experience focused on underwriting large cases, updating underwriting guidelines, training and mentoring, and implementing innovative solutions for Life and Critical Illness insurance. Her underwriting experience includes working with several insurance and reinsurance companies, including Director of Advanced Underwriting handling High Net Worth cases for Elite advisors for Sun Life and Partner Re’s large case team. Having a background in teaching and being passionate about financial underwriting, she is currently enrolled in the CLU program and enjoys opportunities to share her financial underwriting knowledge and experience.

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