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New Underwriting CE and Certification Program

Canadian Institute of Underwriters is pleased to support the introduction of the Continuing Education (CE) Program for professional underwriters.

This new CE Program is the result of extensive collaboration between friends and colleagues from the ALU and AHOU and will become the gold standard to elevate your professionalism.

These Guiding Principles form the basis of the new CE Program:

  • Promote the importance of underwriting professionalism through continuing education

  • Maintain value of FALU designation

  • Develop a program that is both meaningful and attainable

  • Provide a platform to recognize industry involvement and education

  • Establish parameters for qualifying content

  • Create and maintain individual tracking tools

  • Education credits may be subject to audit

CIU shares in the excitement of kicking off this new Underwriting CE Program in 2021.

Please visit the Program hub on ALU’s website for more information

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