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What’s NEW @ CIU Fall 2021

As the leaves fall and we see signs of winter, we hope everyone is staying warm, safe and healthy.

Travel and meeting protocols have slowly eased however, the CIU would like to reaffirm our commitment to our members and volunteers, as we plan for continuing education presentations and professional development in the safest and most effective manner.

CIU Webinars

These events include our recent CIU Fall Webinar featuring Dr Nicola Charlton. We would like to thank Dr Charlton for her insightful presentation on liver disorders and SwissRe for hosting the webinar with over 330 registrants from across Canada and the United States. The presentation slides will soon be uploaded on Library.

CIU Winter Seminar

With no January 2021 Education Seminar, the Program Committee is happy to announce the 2022 Education Seminar will be held virtually this year. The committee is working on scheduling underwriting topics across 2 days on January 24 and 25th 2022.

CIU AGM 2022